Thing 11

Views from Israel:


Uploaded on September 14, 2008
by Micah J. Walter

Old city:


Uploaded on December 3, 2007
by 4T9R

Tel Aviv:

” title=”Tel Aviv” class=”alignleft” width=”500″ height=”375″ />


Uploaded on September 1, 2009

December 3, 2007
by 4T9R

Flicker seems to be a “container” of the work of creative photographers- armature, professional and everything in between. CC gives us- the public- not only a glimpse into this collection but a permission to use it- all we have to remember is to give credit to the photographer. I found that Flicker is very user friendly and that TAGS are an ingenious way to locate relevant work.


I chose “The view of Israel”- the Israeli flag, the old city in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. I will be able to use these in class, when we learn about Israel’s Independence Day.

Credit to:

Micah J. Walter -flag

4T9R –old city- Jerusalem

loremipsum – Tel Aviv

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