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I adore the tool box and all the different free possibilities that are out there. One of the fun tools that I see myself using is  Mixbook. Great way to showcase childern’s work, class celebrations and end-of unites presentations.

The other one that I found most useful is Quizlet- what a concept- and so many quizes alredy done and ready to be used, pluse a blog to communicate with others. Fantastic!

Thing 13

TIME TO GROW was a very well executed course about web 2.0 tools being morally neutral, about teaching appropriate behaviour while using them, about the flattening of the classroom with real time, synchronized lessons where the hierarchy changes, about walled gardens, cultural stereotypes, digital citizenship, about kids teaching kids, future tools and mentor-ship.

The course was definitely worthwhile! I have learned just how much there is to learn out there!!

I learned plenty of new thing and terms that opened my mind to possibilities I did not even know possible.

The online-anytime delivery option is very convenient.

In my classroom I will use some of the flat classroom ideas, open a dialogue with a class in Israel and use the concept of kids-teaching-kids.

Thing 12

This slide show is close to my heart. It invokes deep feelings of pride, homesickness and joy. I was born in Israel, love it’s people, culture, values and it’s views. From here in America, these sights look even more majestic then I remember.

I hope this slide show will be a good ambassador to my homeland and perhaps will encourage the viewers to learn more about Israel or even go and visit…. SHALOM!

Micah J. Walter-Flag

4T9R Old city

4T9RTel Aviv

Shemer Gan Bahaii- Haifa

Stellas mom Israel Masada-The Dead Sea

marcusfrieze view of the Hermon

Thing 11

Views from Israel:


Uploaded on September 14, 2008
by Micah J. Walter

Old city:


Uploaded on December 3, 2007
by 4T9R

Tel Aviv:

” title=”Tel Aviv” class=”alignleft” width=”500″ height=”375″ />


Uploaded on September 1, 2009

December 3, 2007
by 4T9R

Flicker seems to be a “container” of the work of creative photographers- armature, professional and everything in between. CC gives us- the public- not only a glimpse into this collection but a permission to use it- all we have to remember is to give credit to the photographer. I found that Flicker is very user friendly and that TAGS are an ingenious way to locate relevant work.


I chose “The view of Israel”- the Israeli flag, the old city in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. I will be able to use these in class, when we learn about Israel’s Independence Day.

Credit to:

Micah J. Walter -flag

4T9R –old city- Jerusalem

loremipsum – Tel Aviv

Thing 10

The CC concept is a new and very interesting concept to me. The “revers permission” is very intriguing and matches the open world of cyberspace.

the students will have lots of uses for this method  in their projects, by being able to retrieve needed material from the web.

I have used YouTube  in my lessons often, but did not use flicker before- I am planning on doing so soon.

In my opinion, the owner of the material is the original creator and anyone who improves on it (with permission, of course).

The potential negative for this system could be- enforcement of the guidelines may be difficult to control, and is explained very well in the blog by Scott Barodell.

Thing 8

1st grade Hebrew wiki will probably be a good tool for parent- teacher communications, some work with the students at home and eventually independent work by the students.

Wiki center classroom had interesting ideas about Introduction and exploratory projects. individual assessment was also mentioned.

Kindergarten counting book was a wonderful depiction of the counting process of kindergartners. I can imagine the excitement of the kids when they got to 100.

Flat classroom world was confusing and with no direction-I loved the concept of collaborative classroom but it was not user friendly.

Thing 3- post 1

Habit number 6 “use technology to your advantage” ” is the most challenging for me because personally, I am a bit fearful and a dash intimidated by it. However, I prepared to take on the challenge and jump in!

Habit number 2 “accept responsibility for your own learning” is the easiest for me due to being highly organized and an intrinsic motivator.

Habit number 5 “create your own learning tool box” is the most important habit for me because this habit will enable me to do my work as an educator in a way that is in keep with the latest technology and produce the best lessons possible for my students.