Thing 4

I have noticed that the blog genre is very effective and beneficial, generally. I felt that reading the blog is like reading a magazine, article or a professional newspaper as in the Leonardo piece. The writing is similar to a combination of a personal letter and a high quality publishing. The comments are totally unique to the blog and make the blog a meeting place for thinkers to communicate effectively as in the homework blog. The blog as a educational tool can be invaluable as it has vast opinions, ideas and connections- the information is virtually limitless. It can also befit us not only in our professional life but in our personal life- as in “what did you crate today?”– I am planing to us it with my own child.

One thought on “Thing 4

  1. Hi Galia
    In one hand we are looking to improve ourself through technology and on the other hand we want to get more involved with our own children’s lives, to be able to carry a long conversation with them. I think that we must have the balance between the technology and the interpersonal relationships.

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